No Losers

No one loses when we undo racist policies and practices that target black people in America.

As we learn to reject our exclusionary habits and attitudes towards black people, we actually qualify ourselves to create a more just society. We pave the way for fairer treatment of all marginalized classes of people—Asians, the Indigenous peoples, women, and even poor and working class whites, who are steady getting pushed out here to the margins with the rest of us.

Fun fact: the total value of all goods and services worldwide is expected to double over the next 10 years, as global wealth continues to be concentrated in fewer and fewer hands (as discussed in this article from The Brookings Institute). Our social, political, and economic systems, along with our shared cultural wisdom, are our best (only?) protections against the tyranny of the wealth which has been a central influence in our attempts at civilization for as long as we can stand to remember.

When you work right now on behalf of your black brothers and sisters (Sally Hemings, folks), fellow citizens, co-creative spiritual beings sharing this human experience—however you see it—what you’re actually doing is rooting our culture in the high-minded rights and responsibilities we have been so proud of.

No one loses (well, no one except the folks invested in the practice of systematically excluding people from fully equitable participation in this culture).

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