My main aim in life is to help people appreciate and serve each other better.

I have a profound interest in helping the world along as it changes for the better. I feel like this work is best accomplished from the inside out, which means I like to begin by focussing on getting myself right, then letting the vibe ripple out to my home, my closest people, my other associates, my city, etc.

As it stands, this site is very much a work in progress. For now it’s structured mainly as a blog, but I expect that will change somewhere along the line as I get more clear about how best to share the things I have to offer you all.

Lastly, you can help me when you follow some of the links throughout the site. If they connect you with opportunities to purchase products or services, I may receive some compensation.

Thanks for sharing your precious, priceless time and attention. If you ever want to touch base directly, you can email me anytime: