Once upon a time, long ago, or maybe this morning, a very unfortunate boy awoke from his dream. The dream was quite exciting and a little confusing. The boy was still trying to sort out just what had happened and what it meant as he was becoming reacquainterd with his bedsheets and the sunlight trickling… Continue reading Muzzlemouth


We are many things, and we have been many things. We have many things. All things pass. Stone. Standards. Your legacy. You. Love. We put so much faith in so many things which serve us well enough while they do, then fail. The contents and containers of our boxcar lives trained toward dimmest destiny. This… Continue reading Shed

Failing to See the Forest

I’m not even halfway in yet, but I’m beginning to get it. We aren’t so much Mother Nature’s darlings as the dolls she gave her true scions… the trees. Pulitzer winner The Overstory: A Novel, by Richard Powers, first caught my interest because, as a writer, I’m learning to appreciate alternatives to the traditional, decidedly… Continue reading Failing to See the Forest

Seven Whys

I picked up this trick from Dean Graziosi’s book, Millionaire Success Habits. To get at the deep truth in answer to your Big Question, whatever it may be, he recommends you answer the question seriously, then ask yourself why that answer makes the sense it apparently does. Then, after answering, ask it again, and again,… Continue reading Seven Whys