I Want You to Understand

This site is an experiment. It’s an inquiry. As such, it would be presumptuous to pretend to know exactly how it will proceed. I mean I’ve made some decisions about methodology—airing my thoughts for you, dear reader, via this blog; presenting some of my creative work (more on that later); selling my services as an… Continue reading I Want You to Understand

Who Am I?

That’s the question I’m always asking myself. I mean literally always. Because of the way we’re enmeshed with our environment, everything we say or do evokes some kind of reaction—in essence, a “reply”—from the world. You can call it conservation of energy, or you can call it karma. I sometimes think of it as a… Continue reading Who Am I?

Beginning Again

Hello, world! KwameKamau.com is beginning again. Please feel free to watch as we get up and running. In the meantime, we are always accessible: kwame@kwamekamau.com (310) 666-8375