I Want You to Understand

This site is an experiment. It’s an inquiry. As such, it would be presumptuous to pretend to know exactly how it will proceed. I mean I’ve made some decisions about methodology—airing my thoughts for you, dear reader, via this blog; presenting some of my creative work (more on that later); selling my services as an audio engineer—but the means are not the meaning.

I’m looking for an answer. The question? Well, there’s that inescapably big question  (that I discussed in the previous post) that I’m always asking in one way or another. But more specifically, I mean to use this site to address the question of satisfaction. What does it mean to be “satisfied”? What does it take? How do the answers differ depending on who’s satisfaction we consider? Is there a way to describe it that everyone can relate to? Et cetera.

One way I intend to explore this issue of satisfaction is to ensure that everything I do with regard to this site is done to my satisfaction, and for my own satisfaction. Please accept that blog posts will be published on a rather irregular schedule, at least for now. They will likely be presented somewhere between weekly and monthly (i.e., when I feel like it). I will not shy away from being my own loquacious self, nor from using the rules of English grammar to help convey the stream of my consciousness with some verisimilitude. I will also use big words.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I will not settle for mere monologue. I am sincerely interested in your thoughts about these things we have been thinking about (I assume you’re thinking too if you’ve read this far). Please expect that I will ask you questions that are not rhetorical, as I am about to do right now:

What brings you satisfaction? Is it something you do for yourself, like your morning yoga routine; or some natural wonder, like the sunset? Is it a little thing, like a kiss on the cheek; or something big, like your commitment to your partner? Or is it many things? Are you never satisfied? Perhaps satisfaction is impossible. You tell me.

Please answer in the comments below. I look forward to hearing what you have to say.


    1. Do you mean the subject of finding satisfaction?

      I don’t really imagine I have it figured out, per se, but I’ve been curious about it for a good while now. I think I’ve come upon some good leads so far (like prioritizing my own experience of satisfaction over my attempts to ensure others’ experiences are satisfactory).

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