whyyesyou are splendid-ly sin-drenchedin my knee-jerkto glimpses of youstolen in momentsdistraction from what mattershave been trivializedin the wake of youralarmingly arrestingattention-thievingsuspension of my dreamsunraveledtraipsed over andthroughdoneundonecongratulationsyou have onemore captivemindfor a brief timenow what will I findin this new dream of mineto keepme from wakingbehind the walking byof the next fancypasser-by?


Living in the midst of this bulland his shit,I find myself blind to the crimeof all the fine chinasmashed into shards—fragments of artistrymaking the point all the more sharplythat beauty is a risk.And to move through this beautiful worldis liable to splityour skinagain and again,at each step,until you bleed out all that’s leftof all you… Continue reading Scar