This Is for You

I’m scared. I have been for a really long time. Reeeeaaally long. I’m scared because my heart is full of desires it seems my head just can’t fulfill.

I’m a grown man, but I fear I’m ridiculously immature because I haven’t yet figured out how to do the things I expect grown men to do, like provide for my family’s financial needs, create the relationships I want, and write simple sentences. Continue reading “This Is for You”

Who Am I?

That’s the question I’m always asking myself. I mean literally always. Because of the way we’re enmeshed with our environment, everything we say or do evokes some kind of reaction—in essence, a “reply”—from the world. You can call it conservation of energy, or you can call it karma. I sometimes think of it as a lifelong question and answer session between myself and the universe. Continue reading “Who Am I?”

Beginning Again

Hello, world! is beginning again. Please feel free to watch as we get up and running.

In the meantime, we are always accessible:
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